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About the Owner: 
Vaishali Vig

My appreciation of skilled artisans and their detailed work started when I was very young. As an army family, we traveled all throughout India. In particular, Kashmir, a niche region in the Himalayas, has always felt like home for me. With each annual visit, I was amazed by its beauty and style. Here, various fabrics like the Kashmiri cashmere or pashmina, as well as wool are a well known source of warmth and comfort, and it was during this period that I began to notice the exquisite detailing and embroidery work that goes into each highly prized product.

Before starting Livalya, I designed throws for a home furnishing company. It was through this experience that I found the fine wool scarves which became the first product line Livalya sold. In 2016, I went back to Kashmir to learn more and experience for myself the processes involved. Through Livalya, I am able to highlight talented artisans from all over the world while creating contemporary and timeless designs. 

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