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Brand Heritage


Livalya is a celebration of craftsmanship. We aim to make luxury more accessible by sourcing authentic products directly from artisans across the globe.


Despite their traditional ethnic heritage, each product has been crafted in the contemporary spirit for the modern palate. The unique designs embody the heritage and provenance of various regions across the world, delivering the finest quality at affordable prices, whether it is cashmere, wool, or silk scarves, crocheted ponchos, embroidered or woven jackets, and more.



At Livalya we use fabrics that have been made from natural fibers and techniques that have been passed down for generations. These manufacturing methods have perfected sustainability by reducing waste , toxicity and negative impact on the environment in the manufacturing process.

Our business is based on longevity. We support reuse instead of rapid and irresponsible consumption. One way to achieve this goal is to make timeless pieces with natural fibers and high quality stitching to maximize the useful life of our clothes through recurring long term use.


Lively is an artisanal brand, Since its inception we have focused on providing a platform to artisans across India who have learned the art of craftsmanship. Carefully curated and thoughtfully styled over the years, Livalya has worked tirelessly to promote the ancient craftsmanship and seamlessly metamorphosis into style for contemporary fusion to be worn by various age groups globally.


Our aim is to provide a lifetime value  to the customer with designs and fabrics steeped in culture.


There are various non- for- profit organizations in India that are working towards empowering women. Some of these organizations rescue women from human trafficking, others give them vocational training with an art so that they can earn a living. Livalya  partners with many such organizations and purchases the products that women make.


Our beautiful silk cover ups , the crochet high-low ponchos and shrugs, Kantha and phukaru stiles are examples of products that these women have made.



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