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The Story of Sourcing

Already considered to be among the more luxurious fibers in the world, cashmere is becoming increasingly commonplace. To understand its popularity, it’s important to understand the story behind cashmere.

Different cashmere goats across the world produce cashmere that varies in quality and quantity. While the Kashmiri cashmere goats yield the finest fibers in the world, the Chinese white cashmere is best known for its more quantitative supply and lack of added dye. When searching for premium cashmere products, it’s best to prefer the more ethically sourced ones not only for the sake of the animals, but also because this tends to be of the highest quality.

The secret is that cashmere that has been combed instead of sheared will have longer fibers and is less prone to pilling, ensuring that your products last the test of time. Ideally the perfect product for those advocating animal welfare, pure, ethically sourced cashmere only gets softer with use, now isn’t that a sweet deal?

The low-maintenance products are known to last years, even generations, with ease. While more expensive, cashmere’s unique properties, unparalleled warmth, and sheer softness has propelled it to fame, putting the cashmere industry on the map.

So for more information on the ethics behind this ethnic fiber, stay tuned!

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