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Wooly Facts

Woolen products are everywhere, from stoles to sweaters, keeping you comfortably cozy, even as the chilly winds blast across the city. So as winter continues in full-swing, here are some fun facts about your lifesaver for the season.

  1. Sheep wool has been used in people’s clothing since the Stone Age – talk about an enduring fashion trend!

  2. Wool is eco-friendly, biodegradable and reusable, making it one of the most environmentally friendly fabrics out there.

  3. Wool provides natural UV protection for the skin. Guess you can finally reduce your sunscreen usage with this.

  4. Even damp wool will keep you comfortably warm.

  5. In fact, wool absorbs and releases moisture depending on the humidity in the air.

  6. Wool is mold and mildew resistant.

  7. Wool is also odor resistant. So you can wear that cozy sweater over and over again for a long time before you throw it in for a wash.

  8. Being naturally fire-resistant, this is one material that has your back in case of certain emergencies. However, it’s recommended not to try it out, for wool will eventually char.

  9. Alpaca wool comes in 22 different colors – the largest variety of any wool producing animal.

  10. Wool is wrinkle resistant, so that’s one less thing to iron!

  11. You can pull wool upto 70% of it’s original length. When the tension is released, the material will snap right back to what it was. Talk about durable!

  12. Australia produces the most amount of wool in the world with a massive 284,000 tonnes per year.

With it’s many advantages, it’s no wonder that wool has taken over winter wardrobe trends! So the next time you buy a woolen product, know that it’s here to stay.

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