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Empowering 2,000+ Artisans Worldwide

Livalya is a celebration of craftsmanship. We aim to make luxury more accessible by sourcing authentic products directly from artisans across the globe.


Despite their traditional ethnic heritage, each product has been crafted in the contemporary spirit for the modern palate. The unique designs embody the heritage and provenance of various regions across the world, delivering the finest quality at affordable prices, whether it is cashmere, wool, or silk scarves, crocheted ponchos, embroidered or woven jackets, and more.

AW Collection
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If you would love to see these items in person, just let us know and we can set up an appointment! 

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Experience the highest quality weaves and hand embroideries with finest materials at Heritage by Livalya.

Explore Livalya’s traditional line of hand embroidered and woven short and long jackets for men and women.

Livalya Collections


Liv by Livalya presents sustainable & fashionable collections for womenswear and menswear.

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